Lewis - people one of them was Toussaint Charbonneau a French-Canadian fur trapper who lended us his wife Sacagawea a Shoshone Indian who served as

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Dear _____, Great News! The trip was a great success. We are on our way home after our 3- year journey across America, as we just departed from our last destination, Astoria, Oregon. In the very beginning of the trip, we left Pittsburgh at 11 o’ clock, with a very fine team of 33 explorers, and this journey was absolutely breathtaking, but nonetheless, very backbreaking. We met many different Indian tribes, such as the “Sioux.” Surprisingly, the Sioux were a very peaceful tribe, and helped give directions and what to look out for. We also came across hostile Indian tribes such as the “Lakota,” and the “Blackfeet Indians”, who tried to steal our weapons, which led us to fight back. Another obstacle during the course was the harsh winters. We built a fort named “Fort Mandan,” named after the Mandan tribe, which we formed good relations with over the winter. Another obstacle was the intense raining and canoeing of the rivers of the west, and also the Rocky Mountains, which size I cannot even comprehend. We met many helpful
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Unformatted text preview: people; one of them was Toussaint Charbonneau, a French-Canadian fur trapper who lended us his wife Sacagawea, a Shoshone Indian who served as a vital guide for our expedition. Without her I don’t even know how we would have made it this far. A miracle happened while we were trying to trade horses for out trip to the mountains. It just so happened that Sacagawea was the sister of the Chief of the Shoshone. It was a heart-warming experience, as Sacagawea who was taken prisoner for quite sometime, got to rejoin with her long lost brother. Other interesting things we encountered were the many species of animals we saw during the trip. One of them was “the black tailed prairie dog,” which resembled a very large hamster-like rodent. We also brought many botanicals and minerals with us for the trip back home. Overall the trip was a very interesting experience, and I feel honored to have made this trip, alive.-Sincerely Lewis Clark...
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