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MUS 354 Notes - Section 1

MUS 354 Notes - Section 1 - MUS 354 Notes Section 1 Intro...

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MUS 354 Notes Section 1: Intro – 1961 JOHN LENNON : o Was catalyst and driving force o John Winston Lennon born on October 9, 1940 in Liverpool o Leader, singer, guitarist, keyboardist, song writer o John had no relationship with his father, but father showed up after Beatles became a household name o Close to his mother Julia – taught him how to play banjo and ukulele o Julia put John in care of her sister Mimi o Lewis Caroll (Jabberwocky author) huge influence on John Lennon - as seen on “I am a Walrus” and “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” o Elvis Presley fan, infatuated with “sciffle” kind of like rock and roll o Mimi suggested music lessons, but John resisted “structure” o At age 10, became friends with bus driver who encouraged him to play harmonica o Age 12, meets Pete Shaughton – didn’t do well in school because “class clown” o Went to Liverpool College of Art o Paul saw John play at church event – mutual friend Ivan Vaughn who encouraged Paul to watch John perform o Paul played guitar for John and Pete Shaughton asked Paul to join band o Especially fascinated by “tortured genius types” PAUL MCCARTNEY : o Born June 18, 1942 – lefty; James Paul McCartney o 5’11” o “The real musician of the band” o Singer, songwriter, vocalist, bassist, guitarist, keyboardist; flute, recorder, synthesizers o Paul’s father was a musician, so Paul played by ear – took some lessons, but did better on his own o Age 14, trumpet, but realized he couldn’t sing and play, so traded it in for a guitar (still owns it) o Archivist for group o Paul inclined to nature; song “Mother Nature’s Son” o Very good student o First attempt to make band was with younger brother Michael o Lonnie Gonogan another sciffle musician
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o Paul used matchsticks on his guitar so he could play lefty o Paul would come up with verse, John, the bridge o Paul says his first song is called “I Lost My Little Girl”, written at 14 when his mother passed o Paul and John’s first collaboration “Too Bad About Sorrows” o Influenced by Black American musicians (R&B and Motown) o Paul’s dad thought John was bad influence on Paul for his attire – “rocker look” black leather jacket, shirt, pants o Tragedies of both losing their mothers united them (Paul and John) 7/6/1957 LENNON AND MCCARTNEY MEET : o John’s group Quarry Men playing and Paul was there; John gives Paul tips on tuning his guitar; John realized that if he didn’t invite Paul to join his group, he’d start his own rival group o There was a wire taping of this event that was put on auction block; makes it first recording of John (even more valuable since Paul was also there) -> tape will fetch at least .25 mill, if not more. o Quarry Men: John Lowe – keyboard, drummer, Pete Shaughton/John Lennon/Paul McCartney – guitar o A year before George Harrison enters scene; youngest of Beatles o George considered “spiritual, quiet, introspective one” – only one to grow up with both natural parents o
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MUS 354 Notes - Section 1 - MUS 354 Notes Section 1 Intro...

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