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Jack Rohal For Feb 10 1. Read every word of chapter 9: Agreement and Consideration again. 2. Type and print out answers to chapter 9 questions 1,3,4,5,7,9. 3. Watch and be prepared to discuss answers to question for videos 12,13,14,15 on contracts. 1. Ball cannot hold Sullivan accountable. This is because of preliminary negotiations. A request of price is not an offer. A reasonable person in the offererees position would not conclude that such a statement indicated an intention to enter into a binding contract. 3.No, an offeree is allowed to revoke a contract unless offer is irrevocable. And this offer is not, so the offer can be revoked. 4. the elderly can claim promissory estoppel. The doctrine that apples when the promisor make a clear promise that the promisee justifiably relies. 5. THIS SUMMARY ORDER WILL NOT BE PUBLISHED IN THE FEDERAL REPORTER AND MAY NOT BE CITED AS PRECEDENTIAL AUTHORITY TO THIS
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Unformatted text preview: OR ANY OTHER COURT, BUT MAY BE CALLED TO THE ATTENTION OF THIS OR ANY OTHER COURT IN A SUBSEQUENT STAGE OF THIS CASE, IN A RELATED CASE, OR IN ANY CASE FOR PURPOSES OF COLLATERAL ESTOPPEL OR RES JUDICATA. 7. They had the option to buy the property yet, this option needed to be mutual, and it obviously was not. The option is not a contract, the other party could revoke the contract option because it was not. It is essential to the formation of any contract that there be mutual assent of both parties. A contract is nugatory and void for indefiniteness if it leaves any material portions open for future agreement. A contract to enter into a future contract must specify all its material and essential terms, and leave none to be agreed upon as a result of future negotiations. 9. 2. I find that the ethical dilemma is that a could be widow is forced to give up shared possessions. = ....
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