Religion - Anselm Ontological Argument God is something...

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Anselm – Ontological Argument God is something greater than which nothing greater can be thought. G^ infinity but does not exist. Greater = does exist. Therefore, god exists. BS. Gaunilo’s criticism – island this absurd. Descartes- God is the greatest possible being. Kant – A posteriori - “after experience.” Empirical matter of Fact . (cats pant) A priori - “Prior to experience” Matters of reason. 2+3=5 Priori Posteriori Anaylitic A bach is an un married man Syntetic 2+3=5 Fred is a bach. Subject Predicate God is good God is. All or knowledge of existence must come from experience. Arguments for God – The Ontological (Anslems Argument) Argument – a priori Cosmological – Teleological – Work through the reason of the world, yet use the world to make a a posteriori, or empirical claim, that god exists. Thomas Aquinas – 1225 -1274 5 Proofs- 1. Unmoved mover. 2. Efficient causes. 3. Contingent Beings 4. Excellence 5. 1 st - Mover God outside the spheres that moves the sun. and thus causes movement on the planet. The desire of the spheres that are close to god and get erect for him and move. Rests on Aristotle’s physics. Proven wrong. Aristotle – God is pure thought. Thought thinking itself. Does not change. 2 nd Causality 4 Causes – 1. Formal - Vase 2. Matter - Clay 3. Efficient Cause – initiates Movement – Ernie 4. Final – Why Ernie made it move. 1. Causality – Sensible things have (efficient) causes. 2. Nothing causes itself. 3. There cannot be an infinite chain of efficient causes
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4. So there must be a first cause. That is god. 3. Contingent Beings- They are able to exist or not to exist. There is a time when they don’t exist. All things cannot be like this. So there must be a necessary being who is always there. 4.Gradations- more less good. There is maximally hot. There is the maximal being.
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Religion - Anselm Ontological Argument God is something...

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