novel - The next morning 6:15 comes way too soon and I am...

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The next morning, 6:15 comes way too soon and I am woken up by my alarm clock blaring “Burnin’ Up” by the Jonas Brothers. I want nothing more but to roll over and ignore it, but I have to get up now or risk not getting into the bathroom on time and then being rushed. I shut off my alarm before it wakes up the entire household and get into the shower. By the time I am showered and dressed and head into the kitchen to eat and get my stuff together, my mother, brother, and sister are already there which isn’t unusual. What’s unusual is that Alexandra, Alexei, Olga and Anastasia are sitting next to them. I figure they just want to say goodbye, but when we get up to leave, my mom, Alix, Alexei and the girls follow us. “Um mom, no offense but why are you following us to school? This is the one place we can go without you lurking and interfearing.” “Haha very funny”, she says sarcastically. “Alix and I need to get these three registered for school.” She gestures to Anastasia, Alexei and Marie. “Now listen up, here’s the story. Alexandra and Nicky are old friends of mine from Russia who are moving here and we are helping them until they get settled. Alexei and Marie will keep their names but Anastasia is now Anna, Olga is Olivia and Tatiana is Tara.” “But what about their last name? Romanov isn’t exactly common.” I point out. Mom thinks for a second and replies “Yes but they could claim to be descendants of the Romanovs since no one knows what actually happened to them.” I shrug and accept this. “And remember young lady, you can’t tell ANYONE the truth not even Kat and Chris” (my two best friends). We are almost late to school because Anastasia, Alexei and Marie kept getting distracted by
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novel - The next morning 6:15 comes way too soon and I am...

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