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Judgment Book Review Outline - Book Review Outline Intro -...

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Book Review Outline Intro - Give definition of Judgment - Mention Authors o Noel M. Tichey & Warren G. Bennis - Main Idea o Three phase process Preparation, Call, and Execution - Sub ideas within the main idea o TPOV o o Rules - Judgment - Three phase process o Definitions of Preparation, Call, and Execution - Application - Three phase process o Preparation For people, identifying a judgment call isn’t whether if something is going to happen, but rather when it is going to happen” Kinda like thinking ahead o Call Phase - Judgment can be good or bad
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Conclusion Your Storyline - Ultimate Goal CPA o Where Am I Now? Things that brought me up to this place Christian School Social Skills o Where am I going? o How am I going to get there? o Conclusion When Judgment Call comes to surface How will TPOV handle the judgment call in People, Crisis, and Strategy? For example, when it comes to strategy Jack Welch’s Four E’s… As a leader I would want people to extract the positive information from my storyline Knowledge Assessment - Self-Knowledge
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Judgment Book Review Outline - Book Review Outline Intro -...

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