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Jeoffrey Batangan GEOG 666 I Can’t Believe It’s Not Garbage I never expected in my 4 years at San Francisco State to ever go to a "garbage dump". Going there was an eye-opening experience. It's quite interesting that the only reason my eyes were able to get open for the reality of solid waste is to go through a special field trip by the SF Transfer Station. I thought trash disposal was a very simple process. You get the stuff we can recycle and reuse, and you take everything else to the landfill. I had no idea that those processes involved so much labor and so many realistic "problem-recovering" solutions. I say problem recovering because my conclusion from going to the transfer station to the Pier 96 facility is that the problem of solid waste still continues, it's finding out ways to recover from such a problem that will guide us to
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Unformatted text preview: zero waste. It bothered me to see at the transfer station, how much garbage per day goes straight to the landfill. I thought it was quite troublesome because I saw some iterms and materials that can be recycled in there. This was the best the transfer station could do. When we went to Pier 96 facility, I was amazed to see that the cargo was filled with compressed recycled paper. I thought it was just imported goods from other countries, but it was the contrary. They were exported "goods" to China to create cardboard boxes. After seeing where some trash goes, I felt that there was a need for me to change my lifestyle little by little. Sticking with permanent solutions, learning more about my trash, and using less resources....
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