Sociology Exam 3 Review Sheet

Sociology Exam 3 Review Sheet - Poor countries-...

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Exam 3 Review Sheet Definitions : Social stratification: Titanic: Uses of global poverty: Women’s labor: Apartheid: Social Mobility: Davis-Moore Thesis: Karl Marx and Class conflict: Meritocracy: Why no revolution such as Marx expected?: Poverty in US = who, trends, gender, ages: Upward mobility, quintiles: Walletstein: Low, middle, high income nations per capita, regions, descriptors: Las Colonias: Relative verse absolute poverty: Children and poverty, regions, homelessness, street children:
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Global poverty: hunger, starvation, underweight, malnutrition: Global inequality trends:
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Unformatted text preview: Poor countries- Characterizations: Neocolonialism: Multinationals: Dependency theory: Herbert Gans & US poverty: Economic indicators of global stratification: Gender roles: Talcott Parsons: Smokey Mountain: Friedrich Engles & Capitalism: Gender stratification: Opportunity Structure: Inheritance & Wealth: Women’s social power: “The Song of the Shirt”: Ignorance & Want: Working Poor video: Slavery Video: Pettidee “All Alone”: CEO Salary: Poverty Myths: Minimum Wage history: Poverty line: Plato: Rostow: Crayon exercise: People Like Us: Difference class makes, health, mental health: Welfare Budget:...
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Sociology Exam 3 Review Sheet - Poor countries-...

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