Exam 2 (second)

Exam 2 (second) - POE One of the 1st who tried to make...

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02/16/10 POE One of the 1 st who tried to make living as a writer (easier bc magazines were becoming more popular) Thought poetry was the highest form of literature Sets poems in the depth of nighttime and winter; in places set aside/alone; small places; always a sense of loss, overwhelming sense of death Common themes in his poems Long imaging – the essence of romanticism writing Believed that science can only take you so far; reason and rationality stop @ certain points; imagination is to romanticism what faith is to puritans Believed that science leads to truth, but it only takes you to a certain level below the real truth; a poet has to use his imagination to soar with undaunted wings in order to reach the full, real truth “to Helen” Idealized helen’s beauty (Helen of troy) “the Raven” Poe claimed he started backwards when writing this poem Set in a dorm room/study area “nevermore” – wanted to create a sense of nothingness/sense of loss Poe very concerned with effect his poems had on the audience Internal rhymes used to establish setting Constant sense of uncertainty “if bird or devil” – poe unsure of which; puritan would be sure it was the devil because nothing happens by accident Puritans thought ravens = satan Puritans didn’t believe in statues (believed to be false idiols) 02/18/10 TRANSCENDENTALISM Practical movement; grows out of new American pragmatism; very eclectic Intuition vs. reason Organic model; a living, pulsing organism of some kind Suffusion of God everywhere in the world Similarities w the puritans (puritan resonances without damnation) Except no enate depravity, predestination 1828: Noel Webster writes dictionary for AMERICAN English BUZZ WORDS: insight and intuition Very optimistic; strong connection between nature and God RALPH WALDON EMERSON Leader of the new age transcendentalism Born in boston to Unitarian family; very liberal and reclusive Unitarian: universal atonement; everyone sharted God’s love and grace Became public intellectual after touring Europe Preacher for new American intellect Uses poetry in an argumentative way Shares a lot of ideas with Edwards Believed that faith was personal insight (not the same as puritan faith) “NATURE” – emerson God created nature To find yourself, you must go within nature Focused more on beauty of a rose and not thorns “philosophy of insight”
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Exam 2 (second) - POE One of the 1st who tried to make...

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