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Lab1 - Lab Assignment 1 Finish the below tasks using the...

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Lab Assignment 1: Finish the below tasks using the language and the programming environment at your choice. (Due on March 9, 2010 2:30pm) 1. Design and implement “lock” and “condition” variables. You may either use semaphores as a building block, or you may use more primitive thread routines, such as Sleep(). When you write the description of your implementation, explain and justify your design. The skeleton code is illustrated below (it is incomplete and may contain errors; correct it by yourself and provide your own solution). Lock::Lock(char* debugName) { name = debugName; owner = NULL; semaphore = new Semaphore("lock",1); } Lock::~Lock() { name = NULL; owner = NULL; delete semaphore; } void Lock::Acquire() { if(owner != currentThread) { semaphore->P(); owner = currentThread; } } void Lock::Release() { ASSERT(isHeldByCurrentThread()); owner = NULL; semaphore->V(); } bool Lock::isHeldByCurrentThread() { return (owner == currentThread); } /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Condition::Condition(char* debugName) { name = debugName; waiting = new List; } Condition::~Condition() { name = NULL;
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delete waiting; } void Condition::Wait(Lock* conditionLock) {
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