The World Wide Web is one of the biggest

The World Wide Web is one of the biggest - you go on...

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The World Wide Web is one of the biggest, and rather decisive development, if not the most important of all. It has made everything possible anywhere. There are tons of website out there that help and fix whatever problem anybody might have, but personally, YouTube has to be my favorite website. Even though the internet is considered a new innovation so to speak, it seem to me that it’s been there for ever, I don’t remember for sure how I found out about YouTube, but I’d say, I heard people talking about it, and how convenient and amazing what this site in particular offers. I’m sure everybody agrees with me when I say, that the need of such website is, obviously why YouTube was made, and is what made it one of the most viewed of all. YouTube has a common layout for a video sharing website I would say. Of course when
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Unformatted text preview: you go on YouTube, first thing you will notice is the YouTube logo, which is very unique, and you will see it everyday, whether reading newspaper or on TV. And YouTube has made it easy for people who use it everyday, cause as we speak about its layout, there is a group of videos of the day, or videos being watched today, and a recommended group for the subscriber, of course after having signed up for a YouTube account, and that particular group will show the videos that the user might enjoy based on what he or she has been watching, and that’s kind of something. One of the greatest strengths of YouTube, is that it has almost every single video or clip, that anyone wants to watch, and now since everybody is starting to realize the importance of the website it self...
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