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EE331: Devices and Circuits I Introduction to EE 331 DL Course Overview Welcome to EE331! The first stop in your journey to learn the art of electronics! We will be covering a large volume of material during this quarter. Hopefully, this course will be both informative and fun. There are four main topics covered in the course: 1. Physics of conduction in semiconductors 2. Solid-state diodes and their use in non-linear circuits 3. Physics and applications of Field Effect Transistors (FET) 4. Logic circuit design Objectives: We will begin with a study of the phenomenon of conduction in semiconductors. This provides the basis for understanding the principles of operation for two very important classes of electronic components: diodes and FETs. After a comprehensive study of these components, we will use them to design and build logic gates and more complicated circuits. By the end of this quarter you will be able to: 1. Calculate conduction properties of materials and simple device structures 2. Explain the operating principles of semiconductor diodes and FETs 3. Determine the in-circuit operating state of diodes and FETs 4. Perform large signal analysis of circuits containing semiconductor diodes and FETs 5. Use a modern schematic capture and computer-aided circuit analysis program (SPICE) 6. Calculate the performance parameters for different MOS logic families Class Information: Instructor: Tai-Chang Chen tcchen[at] Office Hours: Teaching Assistants: Webpage: Website:
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Make sure to check the class web frequently for class announcements, and reading assignments. Exam dates, holidays, … . The solution to the problem sets will be posted after collecting HWs as well. Lectures: 2-hours lecture everyday Course Calendar: Day Date Lecture Topic Lab of the Week Readings from Jaeger Notes Week 1 T 03/02 L1: Course intro/ Conduction 1.1, 1.2, 1.5, 1.7, 2.1, 2.3 HW#1 (L1, L2) posted L2: Intro Lab #1 Electronics and Semiconductor s 2.2, 2.4, 2.10 W 03/03 Lab #1 Th 03/04 L3: Electronic properties of semiconductor s /HW#1 tips 2.5-7 HW#2 (L3, L4) posted L4: Conduction /Currents 2.7-9 HW#1 Due F 03/05 Lab #1 Sa 03/06 L5: pn junction / Bias Effects /HW#2 tips 3.1-4, 3.7 HW#3 (L5-8) posted L6: pn junction / Bias Effects 3.1-4, 3.7 HW#2 Due Week 2 T 03/09 L7: pn junction / Bias Effects / diode circuit
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EE331_syllabus_Vietnam - EE331: Devices and Circuits I...

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