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bacteria lab write up - the hall outside of the classroom...

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-1Carley Byron October 16, 2007 Science Anne Burnett Lab Write Up Which antibacterial soap kills the most bacteria? Is the question that is investigated during this lab. Looking at bar soap verse liquid soap. If bar soap is more likely to spread bacteria when non bacterial then it is predicted that liquid soap should kill the most bacteria. Dial gold antibacterial hand soap with moisturizers is the liquid soap and the Dial gold antibacterial bar soap. In order to test the different soaps bacteria needed to be grown three swabs were taken one of Dane’s cell phone, Dane’s teeth and a water pipe in
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Unformatted text preview: the hall outside of the classroom. This experiment will help to understand better how bacteria is killed by antibacterial and antibiotics and how bacteria grows on different surfaces. The better understanding will then be used so a better understanding of how a virus takes over a cell. Since a virus couldn’t be looked at during the time of the lab different questions were looked at for different parts of bacteria....
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