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Education Synthesis Essay - students work Byron 2 III Open...

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Byron 1 Carley Byron Mr. Glover AP Lang and Comp 11 October 2009 Initial Thesis: To improve students’ chances of becoming academically successful, teacher’s need to strive for a strong relationship with students. I. Public vs. Private Schools A. Public Schools 1. bigger student body i. larger student teacher ratios 2. No homeroom class 3. Parent’s are not as involved B. Private Schools 1. Smaller student body i. small student teacher ratio 2. Parent involvement is more likely II. Student motivation A. Students want to please people they are close with 1. Statics on student’s brain development 2. Need for parents or adult figure who genuinely show interest in
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Unformatted text preview: students work Byron 2 III. Open Communication A. Teacher’s form a emotional connection with students 1. Lower drop out rates 2. Connections between school work and personal life 3. Less tension between students i. Favoritism is less likely ii. Student’s don’t feel like they need to put up an false image of themselves B. Emotional and Academic Support 1. Student’s increased stress level during middle and high school years 2. Student’s feel more respected by teachers i. Student’s are more likely to tell a teacher when feeling threatened...
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Education Synthesis Essay - students work Byron 2 III Open...

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