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Final of interface and implementation 5120

Final of interface and implementation 5120 - 5.1 Interface...

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5 .1 Interface Design 5.1.1 Overall Approach The interface design of Maintenance Management System is focused on how information is provided to and captured from users. Also the interface of Maintenance Management System has approached to provide a uniform structure for finding, viewing and invoking the different components of the customers and entire Xerox system. The outlook and theme color, since Maintenance Management System will be a part of Xerox web page, will be followed prior Xerox web page style. 5.1.2 Customer User Interface. Since customer need to type there information during using MMS, the basic web interface of MMS is designed with form interaction style. Form interaction is to allow users to fill in the blanks when working with a system. Form interaction is effective for both input and presentation of information and most commonly used method for data entry and retrieval in business-based system. To increase efficiency of the web interface, it includes field headings and the fields organized into logical groupings with distinctive boundaries. Provides default values when practical, display data in appropriate field lengths. 5.1.3 Technician User Interface – PDA Application To demonstrate various menus and data fields on the small screen, the PDA interface of MMS is designed with single menu interaction style and form interaction style. Menu interaction style provides a list of system options and a specific command which is invoked by user selection of a menu option. The single menu lists are located on the bottom of screen. When user touches the menu, each task window will be changed, and contains the data entry fields.
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