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Unformatted text preview: BCIS 5120 BellSouth Enterprises: The Cellular Billing Project Jongsung Lee BellSouth Enterprises needed to the new software in order to cope with the complexities of cellular billing and the country-specific variations that had to be dealt with in the international cellular market. BellSouth emerged in 1984 with the break up of AT&T. BellSouth enterprises included tree primary organizations, BellSouth international, International System, and World Wide Wireless that established cellular operations in international markets. BellSouth Enterprises’ international expansion in the area of cellular communications raised a unique set of billing challenges. These challenges related to the technology itself, the diversity of billing plans, and the need to do business differently in different countries. Since the particular features of cellular communication network, requiring the use of inter organizational system to accurately track and bill for these activities. Another set of challenges were the wide variety of different billing plans used to bill for these activities....
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