HW1 sol - Assignment 1 #1.6 #1.8 The distribution is...

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Unformatted text preview: Assignment 1 #1.6 #1.8 The distribution is roughly symmetric. Based on the histogram, the center is near 23 min, and the spread is from 15 to 31 min. If we look at the actual data, we find that the center(median) is 22.7 min, and the times range from 15.2 to 30.4 min. #1.9 The distribution is skew to the right, spread from 0% to 30%. The midpoint lies in the 5%-10% class. #1.27 Approximately 60% Mexican and 10% Puerto Rican. #1.32 (a) is variable 4. Minutes spent studying would likely be skewed to the right (many study for a short time, a few study longer) (b) is variable 2. and (c) is variable 1 We would expect that male/female counts should be somewhat close, while right-handed students should outnumber lefties substantially. (d) is variable 3. One would expect a fair amount of variation in student heights, but no particular skewness to such a distribution. # 1.35 (a) Totals emissions would almost certainly be higher for very large countries; for example, we would expect that even with great attempts to control emissions, China would have higher emissions than the...
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HW1 sol - Assignment 1 #1.6 #1.8 The distribution is...

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