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GroupProject_Unit3_It541 - Authentication 1 Running Head...

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Running Head: AUTHENITCATION POSITION PAPER Authentication Position Paper Kaplan University Group C Jennifer Angel Wesley DeBastiani Linda Johnson IT 541 Authentication 1
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Executive Summary XYZ Corporation has determined the cost of two-factor authentication is expensive to maintain. XYZ Corporation is attempting to combine their newly acquired ABC Corporation into the same type of authentication methods for the remote VPN. XYZ is earnestly trying to maintain their quality of service and provide the best possible corporate access to their client’s or customer’s data. Currently XYZ Corporation is looking for a less expensive way to maintain their authentication between their two companies as they merge into one. XYZ Corporation has asked the team of WJDLM Inc to help configure the solution needed for the company. Introduction With the recent acquisition of company ABC, the question of computer authentication becomes an important topic in the upcoming merger. Right now, XYZ Corporation uses two-factor authentication to secure their access to the computer system in place. Two-factor authentication relies on two forms of identification to verify the user trying to gain access to the system. The first form of identification is a username and password that the user must enter. After the username and password are verified as
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GroupProject_Unit3_It541 - Authentication 1 Running Head...

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