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IT590_unit8 - Unit 8 1 Running Head QUESTIONS FROM THE...

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Unit 8 1 Running Head: QUESTIONS FROM THE CHAPTER Questions from the Unit 8 Chapter 9 Board Jennifer Angel Kaplan University IT 590 Legal and Ethical Issues Dr. Mike March 2, 2010
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Unit 8 2 List at least three benefits and three negative effects brought about by workplace automation. 3 benefits: 1. Increased productivity - (instead of 40 an hour, now its 400 an hour) 2. Improved Safety Standards (OSHA) 3. A better use of core materials 3 negative effects: 1. Displacement of Workers 2. High Capital Expenditure - meaning the company will have to give out over a million dollars to design and implement the new automatic machinery. 3. Higher level of Maintenance will be needed especially if the new machines are computerized. 2. A multinational corporation transfers a foreign employee to the United States on an L-1 visa. The foreign employee is a computer programmer, working alongside an American computer programmer doing the same work. Both programmers joined the company five years ago, after graduating college. Their training, skills, and experience are
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