Introduction to Scientific Method

Introduction to Scientific Method - 9/4/2009 Introduction...

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9/4/2009 1 Introduction to Scientific Method Chapter 1 1 1. Superstition : Belief based on faith, chance, magic, irrational feelings, and subjectivity. 2. Intuition/Premonitions: Direct knowledge without conscious attention observation or reasoning. Some great discoveries in science and arts were based on intuition. 3. Authority: Knowing through a trusted figure, e.g., parents, teachers, scholars, religious leaders, etc. Minimum effort maximum gain. 2 4. Common-sense: Belief based on general ideas, observation or experiences. 5. Reasoning: Age old way to form beliefs through the use of arguments. Although useful the method may be based on personal biases and prejudices or one may reason incorrectly e.g. I liked the movie, so every one else should like it. 3
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9/4/2009 2 6. Kinds of Reasoning: Inductive -- specific arguments leading to generalizations. Deductive -- arguments based on rules and laws to find newer observations. 7. Tenacity: Method of fixing and maintaining a belief in the face of new contrary knowledge, even though the new knowledge brings good evidence. 4 8. Scientific Method: An experience based approach (empirical) on objectively observing and measuring events and phenomena. This method lies at the heart of all sciences, including
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Introduction to Scientific Method - 9/4/2009 Introduction...

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