Psychopathology - Psychopathology Biological Basis of...

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1 Psychopathology: Biological Basis of Behavioral Disorders Chapter 16 2 Psychopathology A field of inquiry that studies the causes, symptoms and prognosis of psychological disorders. A relatively complex field that includes a multidiscipline approach to understanding mental diseases and treating them. 3 Psychological Disorder A “harmful dysfunction” in which behavior is judged to be: 1. Atypical: A behavior not typically observed. Running naked. Transvestites. 2. Disturbing: A behavior that disturbs others. Antisocial behavior. 3. Maladaptive: A harmful behavior. Nicotine or other drug dependence. 4. Unjustifiable: An irrational behavior. Hearing phantom voices.
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4 Statistics on Mental Disorders 1. One-third of US population at one time or another suffers from symptoms that resemble psychiatric symptoms. 2. Men and women in general are comparable as far as mental diseases are concerned. There however differences in some disorders like depression is higher in women than men. Drug abuse and alcoholism is higher in men. 3.
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Psychopathology - Psychopathology Biological Basis of...

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