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Module 1 Reflection

Module 1 Reflection - Model 1 Reflection Post Christen...

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Model 1 Reflection Post Christen Double When parents think about finding childcare for their children, they want a place that is convenient and affordable. Elaine and Jack are going to be new parents; therefore it’s essential that they find a child care center that they can trust and feel secure about when leaving their four month old child there during the day. There are many types of child care facilities available to parents who work, but all parents should have standards and want the best care possible for their children. The first item parents should look for when looking for a child care center is in regards to its quality and the environmental setting. It is important that children feel comfortable in their surroundings and receive quality care from their caregivers. Child care providers play an essential role in this aspect and “should be able to provide healthy environments that are safe from harm for the children in their care” (Robertson, pg. 16). When children feel safe in their environments stress is reduced and positive relationships are able to form between the child and caregiver. Elaine and Jack should therefore find a child care that promotes a healthy environment since negative environmental conditions can put the child at risk.
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