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Dr. Monica Osborne English 103: Jewish American Fiction Fall 2008 UCLA Critical Paper Guidelines The critical paper comprises 35% of your overall grade for this course. The topic is open, but should address some aspect of Jewish American fiction. The thesis of your paper should be clear, and should also reflect the goals and/or questions of the class and show some sense of your engagement with the course texts—this will allow you to explore some of your own interests. You may choose to write about texts that we are not reading in this course; however, if you do this, you must clear the texts with me first via email. Do not simply regurgitate arguments or ideas proposed in classroom discussions; instead, apply those ideas to new topics or engage them in unique and insightful ways. Papers must be in MLA format or they will not be accepted. It is up to you to make sure you are using the correct format. It should be 1800-2500 words (roughly 7-10 pages double-spaced, 12 font)—no more, and no less. This does not include your Works Cited page. You should also use 2-5
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