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English 103: Jewish American Literature TTh 12:00-1:50 Dr. Monica Osborne Public Affairs 2270 UCLA Fall 2008 Office: Hum 290 Yet here I am . . . dreaming Jewish dreams. Deep down in the regions of psyche where fiction is born, regions supremely indifferent to criteria of rationality, being Jewish seems to matter to me quite a lot; and in this way my own small and personal story might be offered up as a metaphor for the very re-awakening in Jewish American letters . . . For here we all of us are, after several generations that have tried their damnedest to shrug off the accidents of our shared precedents; here we all are, having sufficiently assimilated the culture at large to be able to inhabit, should we so choose, the inner worlds of characters to whom Jewishness is nothingness; here we all are, against logic, dreaming Jewish dreams .—Rebecca Goldstein In his now infamous introduction to Jewish American Stories (1977), Irving Howe insisted upon the imminent demise of the Jewish American literary canon, a genre that would certainly dissipate with the passing of its major voices—Bernard Malamud, Saul Bellow, and Philip Roth—and the scattering of Jewish distinctiveness among the milieu of mainstream American culture. In Howe’s assessment of the Jewish American literary
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Syllabus--Jewish_American_Fiction - English 103: Jewish...

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