WebAssign1 - Instructions This assignment asks you some...

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Instructions This assignment asks you some questions about the course syllabus, which can be found at http://courses.ncsu.edu Be sure to answer all questions before submitting the assignment. The main purposes of this assignment are to address some of the more frequently asked questions about the course policy and to see how to input answers and submit assignments in WebAssign. You may want to purposely miss a question on your first submission to see what feedback the computer gives for missed questions. However, this assignment will count as one of the assignments this semester. There are a couple of questions to show you the "input format" for answering some of the questions you will be seeing later in the semester. The assignment is worth 15 points. The point value for each question is shown above the question. NOTE: Some of the questions are not marked with X's or checks. You can click on the "Question Score" link above to see your score on each question. It will NOT tell you which parts of a multi-part question you have wrong. Do NOT trust the "Current Score" listed at the top of the assignment. It seems to be one submission behind. 1.1/1 points No Response | Show Details All Responses Notes This is a "numerical" question. WebAssign is looking for a number, not a word. Click on the box  and type in your response. This is CH 101, section 00
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This note was uploaded on 03/09/2010 for the course CH Ch101 taught by Professor Bigham during the Fall '08 term at N.C. State.

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WebAssign1 - Instructions This assignment asks you some...

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