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BIO112Sect1Terms - Frequency-dependent selection Sexual...

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Biology Fact Scientific method Hypothesis Logic Inductive reasoning Deductive reasoning Evolution (as a fact) Theory of evolution Theory Strata scala naturae Endemic Population Adaptation Fitness Lydell Lamarck Linnaeus Malthus Cuvier Wallace Hutton Palentology Species Microevolution Macroevolution Artificial selection Biogeography Homology Vestigial structures Convergent evolution Mutation Silent mutation Point mutation Meiosis Independent assortment Crossing over Gene Chromosome Diploid Alleles Locus Homozygous Heterozygous Dominant allele Recessive allele Codominant Phenotypic plasticity Gene flow Genetic drift Epigenetic inheritance Positive Assortative mating Negative assortative mating/dissortative mating Inbreeding Bottleneck effect Founder effect Relative fitness Directional selection Disruptive selection Stabilizing selection Adaptive evolution Heterozygote advantage Neutral variation
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Unformatted text preview: Frequency-dependent selection Sexual dimorphism Secondary sexual characteristic Heterogamy Gametic investment Intrasexual selection Intersexual selection Fisher’s runaway hypothesis Zahavi’s handicap hypothesis Ring species Cline Morphological species concept Ecological species concept Phylogenetic species concept Biological species concept Reproductive isolation Prezygotic barrier Postzygotic barrier Habitat isolation Temporal isolation Behavioral isolation Mechanical isolation Gametic isolation Reduced hybrid viability Reduced hybrid fertility Hybrid breakdown Allopatric speciation Sympatric speciation Adaptive radiation Habitat selection Autopolyploidy Allopolyploidy Hybrid zone Reinforcement Fusion Stability Anagenesis Cladogenesis...
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