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Communication Problems - Amy Tan's"Mother Tongue and how it...

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Elianne Hark English 900-16 Professor Fennell February 16, 2010 Communication Problems In "Mother Tongue", Amy Tan sends a message to the readers, through her words and examples in her life, not coming straight out with her opinion, its like she knows her readers will understand what she is trying to say. I feel as though the main focus of her writing is the lack of respect the “imperfect speakers” of the English language receive by the majority of society because they don't speak as they are expected to. These stereotypes can really affect many issues in a person’s life, especially if they are not able to understand why most of the time they are treated differently than others. People should come to realize how much surroundings, including people, can change the way you do things, and learn. Like Tan, there was a time in my life where "my mother's English was a source of embarrassment for me". By the time I got older, I realized that nothing was wrong with my mother. I am actually very proud of her and whichever way she chooses to speak. My mother got married at the age of eighteen, moved to the United States and didn't get the chance to finish her college education. She took care of all four of us, my two brothers and sister, and the eighteen men who lived in our house at the time. My father has always been a person who loves to help others, especially when they were from his hometown. At the time my father had
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two jobs, so my mother had to deal with all of the men, till they were able to get back on their feet and get their own place. Cooking, cleaning, washing, she
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