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Claims - Claim 1 More Americans should play sports because...

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Claim 1: More Americans should play sports because it is a good way to stay active and get into shape. Warrant: Sports are a good way to become active and get into shape, and that is something more Americans should do. Evidence: I would go to a credible workout site to find out how many calories are burned during specific activities (i.e. basketball, golf, tennis, etc). I would also go to a credible health or medical site to find out the benefits of staying active. Claim 2: Learning how to type quickly is a useful, everyday skill that will make you more marketable in this economy. Warrant: Typing quickly is an everyday skill that is useful and marketable, and that is important to finding a job in this economy. Evidence: I would find a major job site like Monster.com or CareerBuilder.com, and seek out a variety of job postings that stress the ability to type fast. Claim 3: The iPod is a better buy than the Zune because of its wide array of features.
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