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Forces - PHY 221 Lab#1 Introduction to Measurements Page 1...

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PHY 221 Lab 5 ° Forces Leader: Critic: Scribe: Goals : To explore the nature of forces and the variety of ways in which they can be produced. Materials: Computer-based measurement system, cart and force probe (set to 50N range). Spring scales Masses Variety of force-producing systems. Activity: 1. Spring scales and the "force probe" as force-measuring devices Pick up a spring scale, and find the set of graduations (sometimes also referred to as a "scale") that is labeled in Newtons (N). (Ignore the horrible marks labeled grams, which are only provided for people who don't know physics!) Pull on the scale, and watch how the internal parts move as you tug harder. Can you see how to read out a force in Newtons? Explain. Page 1 of 9 PHY 221 Lab #1: Introduction to Measurements 12/28/2009 http://physics.syr.edu/courses/PHY221.07Spring/manuals/forces.html
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Now try weighing a mass. Pick a weight with know mass (<0.5kg), and figure out how much it should weigh. Write down the formula that relates mass to weight, then plug in numbers. Show your work here. Hang the mass on the scale, and read the weight in Newtons. Give the weight here. Are you happy with the agreement with your calculation? Next, wake up Logger Pro using the icon labeled °week5°. The program will be set up to read data from a force probe (the probe should be set 50N range). Value of the force applied to the probe is displayed at the bottom of the Logger Pro window. First, ensure that the force probe reads 0 when no weight is hanging from it. To do this, pull down the Experiment menu and select "Zero". Hold the probe in a position ready for the weight to be attached to it while zeroing the probe. After a few second, the zero adjustment is completed. Hang your mass on the hook of the force probe, and read the weight on the computer screen. Give the weight here. Are you happy with the agreement with your calculation and with your weighing using the spring scale?
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