Vectors and Motion in 2 Dimensions

Vectors and Motion in 2 Dimensions - PHY 221 Lab #1:...

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PHY 221 Lab 4 Vectors and Motion in 2 Dimensions Leader: Critic: Scribe: Goals : In this lab, you'll get some experience with 2-dimensional motion. You will ponder the dramatic difference between motion in the vertical and horizontal directions, even when vertical and horizontal motions are happening at the same time. In order to describe motion in more than one dimension, the concept of a vector is very useful, so you will get some practice with vectors. Materials: Video camera, VCR, and monitor Pocket calculator Graph paper Activity: 1. Recording ballistic motion of a ball. "Ballistic" means "like a cannon ball", and refers specifically to the path of objects thrown more-or-less upwards and allowed to move after that under the influence of gravity. Our computerized motion detector can record motion only along a straight path i.e. in one dimension. Ballistic motion is two-dimensional (&2D&). It happens simultaneously in horizontal ( x ) and vertical ( y ) directions. To study 2D motion we will use video-capture technique. The TA will lead the class in making a video recording of the path of a ball thrown upwards at roughly 45 degrees from the vertical. By stepping through the recording one frame at a time, measure x(t) and y(t) for the ball. A frame number represents the time measurement ( t ). Video frames are separated by 1/30 second. The screen used as background for the ball motion has a 2D grid that can be used to read out x, y values for ball position in each video frame. One grid unit equals 0.2 meters. When the ball is in between the grid lines, guess a fraction of the grid unit which best describes position of the ball center. Record x and y in the table (next page) using the grid units. Then convert them into meters. Leave the two rightmost columns empty for now. Use as many frames as you need to cover the ball motion from one side of the screen to the other.
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Vectors and Motion in 2 Dimensions - PHY 221 Lab #1:...

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