Appendix - Using Logger Pro

Appendix - Using Logger Pro - PHY 221 Appendix to Lab 1:...

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PHY 221 Appendix: Using Logger Pro 1. Starting Logger Pro If there is an appropriate Logger Pro shortcut on the desktop (say one that says "Shortcut to week1.mbl", double-click on it. It will wake up the program in just the state you want. If you don’t see a specific shortcut, then double-click on the regular Logger Pro icon. After the program wakes up, you will need to File … Open the appropriate Experiment File. Ours are in the Probes & Sensors folder. Then open subfolder Motion Detector , and select the ".MBL" experiment file needed. A good general purpose one is Motion Detector.MBL if you just want to use the sonic ranger; if you also want the Dual Force Sensor then choose . Click past any dialog boxes that say the program can’t find something or that something won’t work. Somehow, this program seems to work anyway. 2. Collecting data First make sure the appropriate sensor(s) are hooked up to the ULI interface box. Then, click on the Collect button at the top of the screen, or hit Enter on the keyboard. Within a few seconds, data collection will start, and you should see a graph of it being drawn "live". If the motion sensor is involved, you will hear it clicking as well.
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Appendix - Using Logger Pro - PHY 221 Appendix to Lab 1:...

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