Final S06 sln''

Final S06 sln'' - Physics 7A Spring 2006(Lanzara FINAL EXAM...

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FINAL EXAM – SECTION 3 GOOD LUCK! This exam is closed book, but you are allowed a 8.5" x 11" (double-sided) page (double side) of handwritten notes. You may use a calculator, however NO wireless calculators are allowed. Anyone using a wireless calculator will forfeit their exam and automatically receive the score of zero. Don’t forget : a) Write your name, Discussion Section #, GSI name and SID# on the top of all materials you intend to hand in and want to be graded. b) Remember to circle all of your final answers and to clearly explain each step of your thinking. c) Express all numerical results to 3 significant figures. Cross out any work you decide is incorrect, with an explanation in the margin. Read through the entire exam to start. Work to maximize your credit – a) Start with the problems you are more familiar with. B) Try to obtain at least partial credit on every part of every problem. - For partial credits show all relevant drawings and explain clearly your reasoning. - If you recognize that an answer does not make physical sense and you do not have time to find your error, write that you know that the answer cannot be correct and explain how you know this to be true. (We will award some credit for recognizing there is an error.). - Do not get bogged down in algebra - if you have enough equations to solve for your unknowns, box the equations, state how you would finish, and move on (you can go back and complete the algebra later if you have time). And if you have questions about the interpretation of a problem, please ask! Problem
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Final S06 sln'' - Physics 7A Spring 2006(Lanzara FINAL EXAM...

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