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Assignments Research Methods I Spring 2010 Critical Thinking Article Review – to Instructor Due: Jan 22 Go to the library (physically go to the building ) and find the Periodicals section. Choose the name of your favorite biology course and sign out an issue of a journal with a similar name. Choose an article that interests you, photocopy it, and find examples of critical thinking tools (or flaws, if you find any). Hand in a brief discussion of the specific examples of critical thinking in the article along with the article itself. Topic Statement & Advisor Preference – to Instructor Due: Jan 29 By now you should have spoken with several faculty members about your research interests. The faculty will be telling us which students they have spoken to and would like to work with. Hand in a brief (few sentences) statement of your research interests and then list 3 advisors (ranked by preference) that you would like to work with. 1 st Due: Feb 5 Using the guidance provided in lecture, you should be searching databases with keywords to find articles of interest to you. Although the abstract allows you to decide if the article is relevant, the really helpful information will be in the cited literature in the article’s Introduction and Discussion (with full cites at the end), so you should be printing/copying some of these articles. Hand in relevant search results (titles, authors), including the date, database, and keywords used, as well as complete hard copies of 2 articles relevant to your topic. Attach a grade sheet. Advisor Meeting Schedule signed by advisor – to Instructor Due: Feb 5 You and your advisor must agree on a meeting day and time each week. Hand in a typed .
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2 nd articles – to Advisor Due: Feb 19 This is the same format as the first literature search but by now you should be coming up with more extensive lists of potential articles, and obtaining and reading many more full articles. Hand in
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Assignments_2010 - Assignments Research Methods I Spring...

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