Guidelines for PROPOSALS - future tense[UPDATED]

Guidelines for PROPOSALS - future tense[UPDATED] -...

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Guidelines for Proposals Writing The entire paper should be written in: first person (I, we) active voice (“we did this”, not “this was done by us”) future tense (what you propose to do in the future) double spaced Scientific writing is clear, concise, and formal. Do not use colloquialisms (i.e., casual expressions like “the data jumped around a lot…”). Avoid subjective words like “ best ” when you really mean something else, such as “fastest” or “greatest amount of”. Data are plural ; datum is singular; data point is singular. If you name an organism, the first time it is mentioned must be followed by the Genus species ( italics Words are spelled out the first time they are used, followed by the abbreviation or acronym in parenthesis, if it is to be used again later in the paper. Spelling check should not substitute for Proofreading (e.g., it won’t catch a mistake like: “their” instead of “there”). Citations in the text of your paper If you do not properly cite other people for their ideas, it is PLAGIARISM , which can get you a zero on the proposal and can go on your college record. Only scientific articles or books may be cited. Do not cite websites, magazines, or newspapers . For ideas or results from other researchers, cite the original source (that means you must go and get the original paper and read it).When reading an introduction, pay attention to whether an idea is the author’s own or if the author is citing someone else (the original source of the information). Highlight the portion of the article you are citing it for and provide a full copy of the article. Do Not
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Guidelines for PROPOSALS - future tense[UPDATED] -...

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