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Oral Presentation Guidelines for Methods Class o SAVE OFTEN, SAVE IN MANY FORMATS  (CD, floppy, memory stick). o Visuals : You will put your audience to sleep if you put only words on your slides.  Countless  images are available on the web and from clip art.  Even abstract concepts can be presented better  with visuals.  Arrows, shapes, lines, etc. are all available in PowerPoint.  HOWEVER:  animations, sounds, objects flying onto the screen, etc. are  unacceptable . o Text : BIG is better.  Minimum  of 32 font, try to stick with 36 or 40. LESS is more.  Use bulleted points, NOT full sentences.   If it doesn’t all fit – you are putting too much on the slide.   Use multiple slides instead of crowded lists. o Format : Use headings to let your audience understand the organization. Items to include: Title & your name(s) Problem Statement/Hypotheses and Predictions
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Unformatted text preview: Background Information Methods – short and concise Results (or Expected Results) o Speaking PRACTICE beforehand (we can immediately tell when you haven’t). Loud is better. Slow is better. TIME YOURSELF. DO NOT READ from cards, paper, etc. You should know it well enough that your slides guide you through what you want to say. Any notes to yourself should be single-word reminders. o Standing : face the audience as you speak, only glance at your slides. o Pointer : use it. Do not leave in one spot (hurts audience’s eyes). o Handout : Provide your instructors with a handout of the talk (PowerPoint: go to Print, change it from slides to handouts, select 9 on a page, hit OK). o Commenting on Other Presentations : first praise, then make suggestions or ask questions....
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  • English-language films, 2000s American television series, Memory Stick, Oral Presentation Guidelines, slides.  Countless  images

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