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Evolution How to write an abstract of a research article: The purpose of these assignments is to encourage you to examine the experimental basis for the topics we discuss in class, and to give you some familiarity with the technical literature. The choice of articles is left to you, with the following restrictions: The subject must be of relevance to the course. The article must be a report of original research, not a review article. The article must be less than 3 years old. The abstract, which should be no more than 1 page long (typed, double-spaced), should include the following: (1) A summary of what the study was trying to show. (2) A very brief description of the methods. (3) A summary of the major findings. (4) A discussion
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Unformatted text preview: of the significance of the findings, in terms of both the goals of the study and the larger, general questions in the field. You should not use direct quotes anywhere in your summary. You must write it in your own words. You will note that any research article you find will already have an abstract or summary, written by the author. Please Xerox the abstract and attach it to yours. Be sure to include a complete and correct bibliographic citation for the article. Use the following format: Author's Name. Year. Title. Journal Title. Vol.:pages. Example: McAlice, B.J. 1970. Observations on the small scale distribution of phytoplankton. Mar. Biol. 7:100-110. The abstracts will be graded for the clarity of the writing as well as the content....
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