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Preparation of Bacterial Antigens (Ags) LABORATORY EXERCISE #5 Rev: 3/10/10 Safety Tips : Staphylococcus pseudintermedius are canine pathogens, but rarely cause human disease; the other species of staphylococci in this experiment have been causes of human disease. Use caution when handling the culture to avoid splattering, aerosolization, or contamination of hands or face. Wash hands as soon as finished handling the culture, and before leaving the lab. A REMINDER Safety Tips for Electrophoresis : - Never open the lid or place hands inside the electrophoresis chamber while in use - Never remove or insert the electrical leads from an electrophoresis unit unless the power supply is turned off and the power supply is unplugged If a gel is disconnected before turning off the power, considerable electrical energy remains in the power unit and can discharge through the sockets even though the unit is turned off
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Unformatted text preview: - Always remove leads one at a time with one hand, while touching a non-conducting surface with the other hand - Using both hands simultaneously on both leads can create a very dangerous shunt of current across the chest and through the heart if you contact a bare wire- To connect an electrophoresis unit to a power supply:- Start with the power supply unplugged and with it turned “off” - Check that the voltage and current settings are turned all the way down to “zero” - Then connect the leads - red to red and black to black - Then plug the power supply into an electrical outlet- Then turn the power supply “on”- Finally, adjust the voltage and current up slowly to the desired level … Reverse this procedure to disconnect the electrophoresis unit x 1 2 3...
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_Safety Tips_102809 - Always remove leads one at a time...

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