Literary Terms - Gustatory ~ Pertains to taste Kinetic ~...

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ENGL 1302 Literary Terms Chapter 5 Plot ~ The sequence of events in a literary work. It involves characters and a central conflict. Conflict ~ A struggle between opposing forces (external & internal, man vs. nature, self, society, man) Protagonist ~ The main character (usually good). Climax ~ The high point of interest or suspense. Usually marks the turning point in the action. Flashback ~ The way authors present material that occurred earlier in time. Usually is presented through a dream or memory. Characters ~ Person or object that takes part in the story. Foil ~ A character whose personality is opposite of another character. Chapter 7 Image (General Definition) ~ A word or phrase that appeals to the reader’s 5 senses. Visual ~ Pertains to sight Auditory ~ Pertains to hearing
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Unformatted text preview: Gustatory ~ Pertains to taste Kinetic ~ Thermal ~ Tactile ~ Pertains to touch Symbol (General Definition) ~ Something that means more than what it seems. Archetypal Phallic Yonic Thesis Statements ~ The organizing thought of an entire essay which contains a subject and an opinion. Chapter 8 Point of View (General Definition) Omniscient ~ An all-knowing narrator that knows each character inside and out. Limited ~ An all-knowing narrator about a couple of characters First-Person ~ Narrator participates in the action but has limited knowledge or vision. Unreliable Objective ~ Narrator is anonymous. They are not a character in the story. Chapter 9 Setting ~ Atmosphere Chapter 10 Theme...
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Literary Terms - Gustatory ~ Pertains to taste Kinetic ~...

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