Unit 8 Notes

America: A Narrative History (Brief Seventh Edition) (Vol. One-Volume)

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APUSH Reading & Class 1. The New West 1/21/10 a. Far West i. Civil War & Reconstruction virtually inconsequential to far W. (beyond Miss. River) ii. Native Americans, Mexicans, white trappers / miners / cowboys unchanged iii. b. Trans-Mississippi States (Iowa, Kans., NE, W. Minn.) i. Antebellum: Great Plains known as “ Great American Desert 1. Unfit for human habitation…therefore, perfect refuge for Native Americans ii. Δ view of Great Plains – note: GP refers to area from TX to Canada & W. to Rockies 1. Gold & other valuable resources 2. Transcontinental railroad completed 3. Buffalo destroyed; replaced with range-cattle industry 4. iii. Post-bellum movement into states: farmers, CA miners, migrating Tex. cowboys c. The Migratory Stream i. Second half of 19 th ii. Many different nationalities immigrate; cultural impact iii. Most relatively prosperous white, native-born farming families (poor could not afford to relocation) d. African-American Migration i. ii. Called Exodusters iii. Singleton: 1. Encourages W. migration by spreading word of low land prices in Kans. via recruiting pamphlets called The Advantage of Living in a Free State 2. iv. African-American exodus dies out by early 1880s; many abandon land 1. Homesteads too small to be self-sufficient; blacks forced to hire selves out 2. Crop failures common 3. Sudden influx of people limits resources available v. Still, blacks account for a great deal (520,000) living W. of Miss. vi. Congress passes legislation establishing two colored calvary units; dispatched to W. p. 1 of 30
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APUSH Reading & Class 1. Nicknamed “ buffalo soldiers ” by Native Americans a. b. Built & maintain forts, map unexplored Southwest, string telegraph lines, protect railroad crews, subdue c. Paid $13 /mo. e. Growing demand for orderly gov’t in W. leads to creation of new territories which become new states i. nd term ii. Lull in state entry due to party divisions in Congress (Dem. reluctant to create states out of heavily Rep. territories) iii. Sweeping Rep. victory gives momentum to admit N & S Dak., Mont., Wash., Idaho, WY, Utah, OK, Ariz., & New Mex. f.
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Unit 8 Notes - APUSH Reading & Class Notes:...

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