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Holisitic - Holistic vs Traditional Veterinary Medicine...

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Holistic vs. Traditional Veterinary Medicine Holistic vererinary medicine is a comprehensive approach to animal care involving alternative and conventional diagnostic and therapeutic modalities. This includes: Acupuncture Homeopathy Botanical medicine/herbs Chiropractic Physical therapy Ayurveda Neutracueticals Massage therapy Chinese medicine It is not limited to these however, as it also includes dentistry, surgery and conventional medicine. The philosophy of a holistic veterinarian emphasizes empathy and the principal of minimal invasiveness. The world's disillusionment with modern medicine is but one manifestation of a wider concern over the ultimate benefits of modern technology. The products of our research laboratories - food additives, insecticides, drugs with unknown long term and genetic effects are threatening our health as rapidly as medical research can solve the mysteries of disease. The depletion of our energy resources and the unbalancing of our ecology are creating a
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  • Spring '07
  • hayes
  • conventional medicine, traditional veterinary medicine, Holistic vererinary medicine, holistic veterinarian strives, veterinarian emphasizes empathy

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