B12 Project - disorders Destroyed by heat. Most problems...

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Functions of B12: Essential for the normal metabolic function of all cells Works with Folate to prevent anaemia Helps in DNA synthesis Essential for healthy nervous system Vitamin B12 is needed for building proteins in the body, red blood cells, and normal function of nervous tissue Vitamin B12, like the other B vitamins, is important for metabolism. It helps in the  formation of red blood cells and in the maintenance of the central nervous  system. Signs of deficiency: Loss of appetite Anaemia Mental confusion Hair loss Poor growth Fatigue Gross depletion will produce 'megalobastic anaemia' and severe neuro-psychotic
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Unformatted text preview: disorders Destroyed by heat. Most problems occur Not through insufficiency of dietary intake but through improper absorbtion. To be properly assimilated, vitamin B12 needs to combine with a mucoprotein enzyme known as 'the intrinsic factor' which is normally found in healthy intestine secretions. This enables the vitamin to be absorbed in the small intestines througha recptor in the membrane. If the intrinsic factor is absent, vitamin B12 will not be absorbed into the body. Vitamin B12 is special, because the body can store it for years in the liver. Because of this, a vitamin B12 deficiencey is very rare....
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