Lecture 2 Notes

Lecture 2 Notes - Without them breaking down we would have...

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Take online quiz (blackboard) Three important characteristics used to classify organisms Prokaryotic vs. eukaryotic cells Aerobic vs. anaerobic metabolism Autotrophic vs. heterotrophic feeding Hierarchical Classification System Domain Kingdom Phylum Class Order Family Genus Species Domains: Bacteria, Archaea, Eukarya First two are prokaryotic. Chordata phylum is made of animals that have notochords during development (vertebrates) Groups of Organisms Domain/Phylum: Domain Bacteria Anthrax Bacteria: 9/11 scare, 5 people died. If you get in through a cut in skin, 20% of people die. If you eat it, 20-60% people die (untreated). Domain Archaea Often found in extreme environments. Methanococcus found in deep sea vent areas, 50-85 C (130 F) Geysers in Nevada are covered in them KEKELOL Domain Eukarya – Protista Examples: Flagellates, euglenoids, ciliates, diatoms, slime molds Domain Eukarya – Plantae (all in the outline)
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Domain Eukarya - Fungi
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Unformatted text preview: Without them breaking down, we would have about 12 ft of dead material across Louisiana in less than a year. The penicillium sp. Fungi PWNS BACTERIAS LOL Domain Eukarya – Animalia Insects are the largest group lol. Major Groups Domain Bacteria Domain Archaea Domain Eukarya – Protista Domain Eukarya - Plantae Domain Eukarya - Fungi Domain Eukarya – Animalia Early Earth Reducing Atmosphere Covered in water 3.5 BYA, first cells are estimated to have appeared (prokaryotic) All were heterotrophic. All anaerobic due to the reducing atmosphere About 2.7 BYA, oxygen begins to accumulate due to organisms beginning to undergo photosynthesis 2.1 BYA, first eukaryotic cells appear (probably due to the oxidizing atmosphere) 1.2 BYA, multicellular eukaryotes. About .5BYA the plants, fungi & animals colonize land. All speculated to have nearly same genetic code, very few variations....
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Lecture 2 Notes - Without them breaking down we would have...

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