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SOC353_Term Paper option 1_crime news_sp2010

SOC353_Term Paper option 1_crime news_sp2010 - Term Paper...

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Term Paper Outline Format – Construction of Crime News Analysis Sociology 353 OPTION #1: Crime Coverage Analysis Choose one form of crime discussed in one article from Constructing Crime . Find at least ten articles from mainstream news sources (newspapers, magazines, TV news websites) about this form of crime and analyze them, looking for common themes. Use the Constructing Crime article as a guide to your analysis: note that this paper is not simply a description of ten articles! What assumptions do the articles make about this type of crime? Trends? Perpetrators? Punishment? Do they help support misperceptions about the realities of this type of crime or dispute them (or both)? Discuss your findings in an 8-10 page paper, due February 23 . No option #1 papers will be accepted after March 2. Also upload your paper onto Blackboard via the assignment link. Late penalty : 10% per day; 5% if turned in after 11 on the 23rd. Place late papers in Dawn’s box, stamped by a staff member in KAP 352 Guidelines : 8-10 pages, typed, double-spaced Organization : Your paper should include the following and be organized (with headings) accordingly. Please seek assistance from the writing center if necessary (213-740-3691).
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