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Term Paper Outline Format Option #2 Crime Analysis Sociology 353 Paper Due : March 25 in class (and uploaded onto Blackboard) Late penalty : 10% per day; 5% if turned in after 11am on the 25 th . No option #2 papers accepted after 4/1. Place late papers in Dawn’s box, stamped by a staff member in KAP 352 Guidelines : 8-10 pages, typed, double-spaced; your paper should reference The Mismeasure of Crime and other class readings throughout Organization : Your paper should include the following and be organized (with headings) accordingly. Please seek assistance from the writing center if necessary (213-740-3691). I. Introduction What type of crime will your paper examine? What are common assumptions and perceptions about this type of crime? Your assumptions? Why is it a significant area of study? What themes theory(ies) from class will your analysis draw from? (Best to focus on one, two at the most) How will your paper build on or add to existing knowledge about this type of crime? What is your thesis, or main point?
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