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Term Paper Outline Format – Option 3 Sociology 353 Due : In class on Thursday April 15; no papers accepted after April 22. All papers must be turned in on Blackboard as well as a hard copy (see reverse) Late penalty : 10% per day; 5% if turned in after 11am on the 15 th . Place late papers in Dawn’s box, time stamped in KAP 352 Guidelines : 10-12 pages, typed, double-spaced. Please seek assistance from the writing center if necessary (213-740-3691). I. Introduction and background (1-2 pages) Provide a brief overview of what your paper will discuss. Why is this issue important? What is the public’s image of this issue? Introduce the incarcerated yet innocent people will you be discussing. What is your paper’s thesis, or main point? In other words, what are the main ideas that your paper will demonstrate? II. Statistics on punishment (3-4 pages) Discuss the overall trends in incarceration in the United States: who is in prison and for what charges? Discuss the racial/ethnic, gender, and age composition of those incarcerated, as well as the
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