Lab6 - STAT 350 Lab#6 One-way ANOVA SOLUTION For the...

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STAT 350 Lab #6 – One-way ANOVA SOLUTION For the following problems, do the analysis using SAS. Please put all SAS input (Editor window) and all SAS output (Output window, NOT the Log window) as an appendix. Nothing pasted directly from SAS should be given as an answer to the questions below! 1. Four formulations of fertilizer (called A, B, C, and D) were tested for their effect on corn yield. Each fertilizer was applied to 15 individual 1-acre plots and corn yield (in bushels) was measures. The data is given in the associated Excel file on the "fertilizer" worksheet. Conduct an analysis of variance on this data. If appropriate also conduct an appropriate multiple comparison test to determine if any of the fertilizers result in significantly different yields. a. Present a nice table summarizing the data: the mean and standard deviation of the yields for each fertilizer. Fertilizer Mean Standard Deviation A 146.97 12.50 B 140.89 14.81 C 154.65 12.60 D 160.95 10.63 b. Give an ANOVA table to summarize the ANOVA results. Make a nice table (as you would do for a report/publication) – do NOT paste in anything from SAS directly! Source DF Sum of Squares Mean Square F Value Fertilizer 3 3458.56000 1152.85333 7.12 Error 56 9066.67333 161.90488 Total 59 12525.23333 c. What is the p -value for the ANOVA? State the null hypothesis you are testing and state what your conclusion about this hypothesis is. The p -value is 0.0004. The null hypothesis is μ A = μ B = μ C = μ D . (where μ A = the mean yield for fertilizer A, etc.). Another way to state the null hypothesis is that the mean yield is the same for all fertilizers. Based on this p -value, we reject the null hypothesis and conclude that not all the means are the same (there is a difference in yields among the fertilizers).
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d. If appropriate, present the results of the multiple comparison test in a manner discussed in class. In a few sentences, clearly explain what these results mean (assume you are talking to a farmer/biologist who is not up on his statistical jargon). There are a couple ways to present these results, one with lines and one with letters.
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Lab6 - STAT 350 Lab#6 One-way ANOVA SOLUTION For the...

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