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380 10 Lec 1 - Biology 380 Immunology Spring 2010 Henson...

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Biology 380 Spring 2010 Immunology Henson Lec. 1: Introduction to the Course, a Historical Perspective, and Innate Immunity I 1. Introduction to this course. - Labs, case studies, review paper, quizzes, seminars, overlap with Bio 126, etc. 2. Very brief (but fascinating) historical perspective. A. The concept of immunity has been around for thousands of years. B. Jenner, Pastuer, Koch and von Behring: Vaccination, antitoxins, serum threrapy and the germ theory of disease. C. Metchnikoff and the importance of phagocytosis. D. Humoral immunity was recognized in the 1800s, however cell mediated not demonstrated until the 1950-60s (Glick at Mississippi State University). E. The instructional vs. the selective theories. - Erlich and his far sighted side chain theory (ca. 1900). - Jerne, Talmage, and Burnet and clonal selection. F. Immunologists have been awarded a disproportionate number of Nobel Prizes. 3. Pathogens = viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites. 4. We’ll be covering cells and organs of the immune system in lab this week. Group exercise: Diagram an immune response to a virus.
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