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Diet Analysis Project

Diet Analysis Project - 1 Bustamante Diet Analysis Project...

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Diet Analysis Project Nutrition Professor Bickman Morris Marcela Bustamante May 1, 2007 1 Bustamante
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During this semester’s nutrition class, information has been provided how to improve one’s diet by learning how food works with and against the body and the chemicals involved. At the end, I determined that my desirable body weight (DBW) is one hundred and twenty pounds. According to the desirable body weight indicated above, weight changes have to take place. Although the desirable body weight has been attained by a 95.83%, there is still room for improvement. When the calculations for how much a healthy woman or young lady my size—64 inches or 162 centimeters—should weigh were completed, it was concluded that my desirable body weight (DBW) was exactly the same weight for my corresponding height. This indicates that I must gain five more pounds of healthy body weight in order for the targeted weight to be achieved. In order to gain those five pounds of healthy weight, I will need to eat more protein foods or meals with higher calorie intake; as long as it includes good proportions of the food guide. By correlating more protein in higher calorie meals and exercise, I should be able to gain the five pounds needed at a healthy rate. I was able to determine my calorie needs by using the Harris-Benedict equation (BEE), which entails the following steps: 655 + (9.56 x 52 kg) + (1.85 x 162 cm) – (4.68 x 19 yrs) = 1,362.9 kcal. According to the BEE, this mean that my recommended calorie needs are 1,362.9 kcal. This is then multiplied by the Thermic Effect (TE) Factor, which indicates that you multiply your BEE kcal (1,362.9) x 1.1 = 1,499.19 kcalories. My own activity factor is also used to see the final number of kcalories over the total energy expenditure. The final total was 1,771.77 kcalories/ energy expenditure. In summary, 2 Bustamante
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