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Biology 380 Spring 2010 Immunology Henson Lec 6: A Review of Immune System Cells and Organs (continued) and Case Study #1 Quiz 1. 1. A review of the cells discussed in lab last last week. A. Lymphocytes B. Non-lymphocytes C. Bone marrow and hematopoesis. D. APCs = Ag-presenting cells 2. A review of the organs of the immune system A. Lymph node B. Spleen C. Thymus D. MALT Case Study #1: Read the case details on the back of this outline and work as a group to answer the following questions using your textbook and web resources. 1) What is the common name of the disease that Robert suffered from when he experienced the seizures? Describe a method that the hospital could have used in order to determine the percentages of T and B cells in his blood. 2) What is the molecular nature of NEMO deficiency and which signal transduction system (involving the translocation of an important transcription factor from the cytoplasm to the nucleus) is negatively impacted? Which receptors tend to use this pathway?
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