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Biology 380 Spring 2010 Immunology Henson Lec 7: A Review of Immune System Cells and Organs and Characteristics of Antigens 1) A review of immune system cells. A. Lymphocytes B. Non-lymphocytes C. Bone marrow and hematopoesis. D. APCs = Ag-presenting cells 2) A review of the organs of the immune system A. Lymph node B. Spleen C. Thymus D. MALT 3) Deriving the important characteristics of Ags. 4) Discriminating between B and T cell epitopes (epitope = antigenic determinant) A. Binding of soluble whole antigen vs. binding to processed/presented peptides. B. Aspects of MHC “restriction” of T helper activation and T cytotoxic killing. - Ag processing is essential.
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Unformatted text preview: - Not all MHC-binding peptides activate T cells.- Classic experiments demonstrating MHC restriction. Note: We are starting our consideration of antibodies and B cells (Chap. 4) by discussing the important characteristics of Antigens (Ags). During Friday’s class we will be discussing the paper that appears below which will be posted on Blackboard along with several questions. You’ll need to answer the questions prior to coming to class so that they can be turned in once we discuss the paper. Fuchs et al., 2007. Novel cell death program leads to neutrophil extracellular traps. J. Cell Biol. 176:231-241....
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